Who am I?

Well, to begin with, my name is Jared.

I could write out a short history of myself and my life for you–a sort of resume of places I’ve been and things I’ve done and maybe people I’ve known… But it wouldn’t tell you what matters to me.

I could tell you what I believe and who I give allegiance to. That might be better, except that you would immediately form an opinion of me based on the stereotypes we all use to organize our mental rolodex. After that, everything you read would have to fight its way past the stereotypes. For me, the stereotypes are about as wrong as it’s possible to be… regardless of whether you agree with my beliefs or not.

The most useful introduction would be one to show you that, at base, I am exactly like you.

I was told once that life is difficult, and once we realize that the best thing to do is simply get on with living and not try to make life something it isn’t. Experience tells me that part of being human is to define ourselves and our lives based on those difficulties, whether as victims of difficulty or victors over it.

The point is, I’ve seen the heights and felt the depths, the same as you have.

…Which is why I’m here.

All authors have one thing in common. They want to share something they find valuable with others. In my case, the best I have to offer is a perspective that, while not unique, is also not particularly common.

I can only hope that you find some value here. If you do, then my time has been well spent.


A breath of wind that whispers,
The breeze so sweet and slight.
We know not whence it comes from,
As little where it goes.

The turning of the ocean’s tides,
The rolling rhythm of the waves.
The things that mark the centuries,
That loiter day to day.

The greatness of the universe,
The space between the stars.
The distance of a long, long road,
The thing that men call far.

How poorly words can fit the feelings,
Verse the poetry.
And yet there is a driving need,
To capture such as these.

To gather into human terms,
The great intangibles.
And fit inside a single word,
A space too large to see.

For through words we remember,
To others yet to come.
The things of joy we found in life,
And also things of grief.

In hopes that someday someone else,
Will gaze into the sky.
To see the distance and the light,
The same as you and I.

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