What is Modern Apocrypha?

Christian [kris-chuh n] noun
A person who believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ

We live in a lukewarm society. Taking an extreme view on life, the world or nearly anything is frowned upon in “western” society.

This is a lukewarm definition of a Christian.

How do I measure this? Simple:

Is there anything that YOU would be willing to die for? …NOT hypothetically. Right now, this minute, if you were demanded to live or die to save SOMETHING or SOMEONE, could you? (No evasions. Be honest with yourself.)
I imagine most people give an answer here that involves some sort of selflessness. There is usually SOMEONE that we would be willing to die for, especially if we have a family.

The real question is this:

What would YOU be willing to live EVERY moment of EVERY day of the rest of your LIFE in service to and support of?

Are you being honest with yourself?

More than 90 percent of our society just opted out entirely. Somewhere around 90 percent of supposed CHRISTIANS either lied to themselves or admitted that they aren’t Christians.

I don’t blame them. That is a really radical commitment.

Christian [kris-chuh n] noun
A person who strives to give everything he has and everything he is on a continuing basis in the service of Christ to the glory of God.

This is a true definition of a Christian.

What does it mean, really?

First, it means giving up everything that you own.
Next, you must give up everything you believe in.
Finally, surrender everything you value about yourself.
Do this in service of a person who you have never seen or touched.

In the minds of nearly all of society, you must truly be a lunatic, to do such a thing.

I certainly am.

Modern Apocrypha

From Wikipedia: All King James Bibles published before 1666 included the Apocrypha, though separately to denote them as not equal to Scripture proper, as noted by Jerome in the Vulgate, to which he gave the name, “The Apocrypha.”

Our society has forgotten what it means to follow the Christ. Individual Christians flounder along through the morass of modern Churchianity. The bright lights of truth seekers are barely visible in the dim twilight of a post-Judeo-Christan society.

The darkness is coming.

All I can hope is to share with you the light that I have seen.

This is Modern Apocrypha.

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